Taste and Odors

In its perfect condition, water is tasteless, colorless and odorless. If your water does not meet all three of these criteria, it’s time to get it tested so you can find the right filtration system.

Earthy or Musty Taste and Odor: This is one of the most commonly reported water problems for homes in Michigan. It is usually the result of excess algae or decayed vegetation. This is not hazardous to your health, but it is still quite unpleasant and should be treated immediately.


“Rotten Egg” Smell: This is another very common complaint of homeowners in Michigan. This is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide in your water. This is a more serious issue, as it will cause extensive damage to your plumbing system and if left untreated should be considered unsafe to drink.

Metallic Taste: As the name implies, this odor or taste is caused by excess metals, such as copper, iron and zinc. These metals are extremely common in groundwater and can cause some of the same hard water issues described above. A water softener is the right choice for this common water problem.


Owens Soft Water, Inc. will help you resolve your water taste and odor problems throughout Central Michigan, Northern Michigan and surrounding areas.