A Kitchen faucet running well water for drinkingNorthern Michigan is a serene retreat for many and living in the area can be like a lifelong vacation. Living in rural Northern Michigan can offer a slower, more relaxed lifestyle compared to the city. But that’s not the only difference between city life and life Up North. An important difference to keep in mind is the water that runs through your Northern Michigan home. If you are building a new house or cabin, or living in an older home in rural Northern Michigan, you’re likely receiving water from a well. Well water when untreated can cause rusted sinks and pipes, unpleasant taste or smell and in some cases, cause health issues. You’ll have to make a choice regarding how you will treat the water for your home and what system to buy. There are many options for water treatment systems available for your Northern Michigan residence, including a reverse osmosis system, a distillation system, filtration systems and an ultraviolet treatment system.

Reasons to Choose Reverse Osmosis for Your Home

Reverse osmosis, or simply RO, is one of the best ways to purify and treat your home or business’ water so it is potable and clean for drinking. This is the way both Dasani, which is a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola company, and Aquafina, which is a registered trademark of PepsiCo, Inc., purify their bottled water. Just take a look at the label. The way RO water treatment systems work is by having a semi-permeable membrane that traps organic compounds that are unwanted in water. Carbon filters, working in unison with RO systems, traps chemicals that are too small to be removed by the membrane. RO water treatment systems remove nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, bacteria, and leaves water with a great taste for drinking. Using carbon filters will remove what the RO membrane doesn’t catch. Another great aspect is that an RO unit is easy to maintain because of the simple design of the unit. Consider choosing a reverse osmosis water filter for your home in Northern Michigan.

Arsenic Can be Found in Michigan Well Water

Knowing the composition of the water you pump from a well or the local surface water is important in determining what filters need to be used to make the water most suited for your consumption. A little-known issue in Mid-Michigan and the thumb region is arsenic in groundwater. Arsenic in people’s drinking water is undetectable without a test. You cannot see, taste or smell the toxin, which likely contributes to the lack of knowledge about this issue. The fact is that many counties in Mid-Michigan have high levels of arsenic, and much of the thumb area has some of the highest levels in the country. Bathing and washing clothes is safe because arsenic isn’t easily absorbed through the skin, and won’t evaporate either. Arsenic is found naturally in rocks and it is also sometimes a byproduct of industry. It may be surprising to learn, but arsenic is a toxin found in all waters, but normally only in trace amounts. Knowing the composition of your well water is important because health problems can occur from drinking water that contains high amounts of arsenic over a long period of time. Northern Michigan water treatment specialists can test your water to determine if a reverse osmosis system is the best way to treat this issue in your home.

Purifying Your Home’s Drinking Water in Northern Michigan

Let water treatment experts determine whether you should have reverse osmosis drinking water in your Northern Michigan home. The EPA regulates municipal water quality but doesn’t put regulations on the owners of private wells in terms of their water quality. People who have their own wells need to take it upon themselves to learn how to test and treat their water supply. This treatment of drinking water can be done as it comes into their home (point of entry), or at the faucet (point of use). Find out whether reverse osmosis drinking water is the right solution for your water treatment. By choosing the right water treatment experts, you can find out if a reverse osmosis system is the best option to treat the water in your Northern Michigan home. Companies like Owens Soft Water can test your home or business’ water for a variety of different organic and man-induced contaminants in Central and Northern Michigan.

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  1. Annika Larson August 3, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Right now, my husband and I are looking to have a water treatment system installed in our home. We want to make sure we choose the right type of system to provide our family with safe, purified water. Like you said, reverse osmosis systems have a semi-permeable membrane that traps the organic and unwanted compounds in water. We will have to consider this treatment.

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