With Winter coming are you preparing to fly the coop?  If you are a Snowbird and this pertains to you and your Summer home you will want to protect your water conditioner and the entire drain line from the freezing temperatures.  Even if you are leaving the heat turned on in an unoccupied building during the colder and winter months, it still makes sense to winterize your Water Softener.  By calling Owens Soft Water we can not only service ALL makes and models of water treatment but we can also winterize your water softener or water conditioner to avoid freezing pipes, bursting pipes, or damage to your water treatment.

Owens Soft Water your Non-Electric Kinetico dealer has over 50 years Residential, Commercial, and Industrial water treatment experience.  You can feel confident that we can get the job done.

All that you have to do is call 1-800-499-9719 to schedule your winterization.  Then when you are ready to return back to your Summer home, be sure to call in advance to arrange for everything to be hooked back up and for the water softener to be back up and running for your arrival.  This will ensure that you won’t skip a beat when it comes to providing the best water quality that you deserve and peace of mind that your appliances always have conditioned water.

Call Owens of Kinetico to schedule a service check or for your winterization today at 1-800-499-9719 or visit us at OwensSoftWater.com. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.

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