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What Is Soft Water?

If you want to understand what soft water is, then you must understand what hard water, its opposite, is, and why you want to avoid it. Hard water is surface, ground or tap water containing high levels of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. There are varying degrees of water hardness based on the precise levels of dissolved minerals.

Soft water, on the other hand, is water that is relatively low in dissolved calcium and magnesium, whether naturally or treated from a water softener system. Naturally, soft water comes from areas where surface and ground waters flow over hard, calcium-poor rock. Certified soft water is water that contains less than one grain per gallon of calcium or magnesium, and Owens Soft Water installs and services systems that will soften the water in your home or office.

What Are The Benefits Of Soft Water?


Have you ever noticed a greenish, rocky build-up on old sink faucets and outdoor spigots? This is a result of hard water depositing calcium on your metal fixtures. If this continues, the buildup will block your pipes and cause plumbing failure. Hard water also deposits and leaves residue behind on surfaces that can be difficult to clean. Water softness testing and treatment is the most important step you can take to ensure a long life for the plumbing and appliances that come in contact with water in your home. Additionally, hard water has a harder time rinsing soap and dirt from your body while you bathe, so soft water in your home helps you stay cleaner and healthier!

The Water Quality Association (WQA) strongly recommends water testing after a period of disuse and before a specific water treatment product be selected. The water treatment experts at Owens are prepared to test and diagnose any water treatment issues. Studies have shown that with the reported levels of lead, arsenic, nitrates, nitrites, methane, and bacteria, there can be a much lower risk of contamination when you have the proper water filtration installed.

How Can I Get Soft Water?

First, we recommend regular testing of your home and office water. We recommend that you bring a professional to your property at least every two years for water hardness and purity testing. If testing shows that your water hardness is over the one gram per gallon recommended limit, then installing a water softening system is the best option. Water softening systems come in many different styles, from ion-exchange polymer systems to reverse osmosis water softeners.

If the water in your residential or commercial property has a hardness level that exceeds the recommended limit, Owens Soft Water offers a variety of solutions, including:

As an authorized dealer of Kinetico products, Owens Soft Water can offer you the best in water treatment systems. Contact us for a free water analysis, a quick quote, or even request services for repair on your current water softener.