Essential Series Water Softener

Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico Essential Series water softeners are a great fit for any household or office. They have a small footprint but offer a lot of benefits. These non-electric water treatment systems are powered solely by the force of moving water and regenerate only when needed, so you’ll save money and salt without ever having to tinker with timers or electrical components. These water softeners are intuitive too, meaning they monitor you personal water usage and only kick in when supply is low. And regeneration only takes a few minutes: a mere fraction of the time it takes other softeners to come back into service. Efficiency and reliability are what make these water softeners stand out amongst the crowd. Your whole household will enjoy the soft, fresh water a Kinetico Essential water softener provides.

Product Features

  • Non-Electric Operation
  • AccuDial™ 5 Precision
  • Minimal Regeneration Time
  • 5 Year Warranty

Owens Soft Water, Inc. provides Essential Series Water Softener solutions to Central Michigan, Northern Michigan and surrounding areas.