Specialty Treatment Systems

Sometimes your home and office water treatment problems go beyond hard or cloudy water. Sometimes you need a different kind of filter or water purification system to rid your water supply of microscopic bacteria or other contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide remnants. To solve these more advanced water treatment problems, you need a specialty water filter, such as our Kinetico TX Membrane System, our Kinetico Sulfur Guard, or our Kinetico KUV Ultraviolet Water Purification System.

These systems can be customized to the needs of your home or office and will leave you with water that is safe, pure and great tasting. For more information on our specialty water treatment systems, please contact us and get a free water analysis. One of our staff members will help you determine which system is right for you.

Problem Water

Whole House Problem Water Filters and Systems

Cleverly engineered to solve your water challenge


Whole House Membrane System

Saltless solution for solving a variety of water problems


Whole House Disinfection System

KUV systems disinfect your water