MACguard Filter

Water carbon filter

If removing chlorine from water or eliminating other unpleasant tastes and odors is your main concern, the MACguard carbon filter is the right water filtration system for you. The MACguard Filter is built for efficiency, so it doesn’t take up precious counter space, or attach loosley to your faucet. Unlike most other carbon filtration systems, it works perfectly while staying out of sight. One of the other great qualities of this water treatment system is that it eliminates all guesswork when it comes to changing the filters. The PureMometer® filter indicator shows you how much of your filter capacity is left. When a change is needed, the system alerts you by slowing the flow of water from your facuet.

The MACguard Filter is a great filtration system to start with. It is economical and comes with a one-year warranty. For more advanced water treatment issues, you can always upgrade to a different drinking water system down the road.

Product Features

  • Delivers fresh-tasting water
  • Alerts you when a filter change is necessary
  • Conveniently fits under your sink
  • 1-year warranty

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Owens Soft Water, Inc. provides MACguard Filter solutions to central Michigan, northern Michigan and surrounding areas.