Owens Soft Water serves central and northern Michigan with its industry-tested water treatment packages by way of sterling service from experienced, water treatment professionals. When it comes to providing continuous, clean drinking water for our customers, we make their satisfaction our top priority. Our comprehensive line of home water softeners and filtration products are specifically tailored to your home, and are exceptional at delivering the results you’re looking for. For your water treatment needs in central and northern Michigan, Owens Soft Water has the solutions.

We serve many areas throughout the state of Michigan from our central locations listed here:

Owens Soft Water prides itself on delivering the products and service you’d expect from an industry professional. Outside of being an independent, authorized dealer of Kinetico products, the staff at Owens Soft Water will analyze your water for you, determine the best solution needed, and even explain how our Kinetico systems will work for you to deliver the best results. For any questions you may have about our products or services, call us today.