Everyone has been quarantined because of coronavirus and drinking more water. Is it clean? Is it as safe as water from a Kinetico drinking water system that is certified to remove the coronavirus and other viruses?

Right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is even more critical to have a drinking water system that will provide your family with clean, bottle-less water in the comfort and safety of your own home. At Owen’s Soft Water, we have many drinking water system options, and the Kinetico K5 is the only drinking water system certified to remove the coronavirus and more bacteria than any other reverse osmosis system.

Kinetico K5

The Kinetico K5 drinking water system has been carefully designed and crafted to deal with the toughest water problems. This drinking water system uses water pressures, fluxes as well as solute concentrations to remove all unwanted particles from water. The Kinetico K5 fits easily under your sink. The water will be dispensed from a lead-free, designer tap that is available in a variety of styles to suit your home. The K5 can be completely customizable with filters so that your water filtration needs are met. Maintenance for the system is easy, as it just needs sanitation and a quick filter change every year or every 500 gallons of water usage.  

Kinetico K5 Purefecta Guard

With the K5 Purefecta Guard, you can add even more protection against unsafe drinking water. The Purefecta Virus/Bacteria Guard is a medical-grade filter guard that can generate Biopure drinking water, which is free of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. While the coronavirus has not been proven to spread by water, the K5 Purefecta Guard is certified to remove the virus as well as SARS. If you are worried about the coronavirus or other contaminants in your home drinking water, the K5 Purefecta Guard is right for you. With this filter guard, you will have a constant stream of clean drinking water in your home and for your family.

K5 Auxiliary Cartridges

Along with the Purefecta Guard, Owen’s Soft Water offers additional K5 auxiliary cartridges to fit your specific water filtration needs.

Chloramine Guard: Reduces chloramine, which is used to treat public water sources but should not still be present in your water once it reaches your home.

VOC Guard: Diminishes organic contaminants, such as cleaning products, pesticides, paints, and other chemicals that could cause harm by drinking them.

Perchlorate Guard: Reduces perchlorate, which is a byproduct used in manufacturing and found in drinking water and groundwater. Perchlorate can cause adverse health effects but has been shown to cause thyroid problems.

Arsenic Guard: Parts of Michigan have a high concentration of arsenic in groundwater, which can lead to many health effects if drank excessively. With this guard, arsenic will be completely eradicated from your home drinking water.

Mineral Plus: Instead of removing minerals, this cartridge will add beneficial minerals, such as magnesium and calcium to your treated drinking water.


With the coronavirus outbreak and many being quarantined, bottled water can be hard to find.  A Kinetico K5 drinking water system will eliminate the need for bottled water and help provide safe and delicious water. 

Call Owen’s Soft Water with questions about the Kinetico K5 and any drinking water system for your home. As an essential business, we are open and practicing social distancing, routine cleaning, and wearing protective gear. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.


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