Easy Ways to Save Water this Summer

water tap how to save water The summer season is here. It is that time of the year when water consumption increases to serve various purposes, from cooking to gardening. This increase can cause a big surprise when your water bill arrives. Here are a few ways to save water that will help keep those water bills down. There is a scarcity of water globally, so we must behave like responsible citizens and use water efficiently during summer. The first step of water conservation begins at home.  Let us delve deeper into the ways with which people waste water:

  • Washing less than full loads in the washing machine. With every wash, 35 to 40 Gallons of water is wasted every day. Make sure you’re washing with full loads whenever possible.
  • Maximum water wastage takes place in the kitchen. People prefer to wash vegetables under a running tap, which does not clean them properly. One can save water by soaking them in water with a small amount of vinegar instead of running a tap for long hours. This cleans the vegetables while also keeping you from running your tap constantly.
  • Leaky pipes are a common household issue. These can waste approximately 10 thousand gallons yearly. Leaks near toilets or faucets must be checked at regular intervals to prevent wastage.

 Here are some of the ways to save water during summer months:

  • Using A Dishwasher: Studies reveal that a house with two or more people must use the dishwasher as its water consumption is less compared to dishes washed with hands. Try to use the dishwasher when the sink is full of dishes.
  • Fix faulty faucets: Sooner or later, you will encounter leaky faucets in your house. For some people, it is not a big deal, but it wastes gallons of water every year. If you know how to fix the leaky faucets, do it yourself or call a plumber. If the issue is not fixed initially, it may greatly increase the amount of water wasted after some time.
  • Tame the toilets: During the day, toilet flushes consume more water than any other activity in the house. Try to replace the old toilets with new and modern toilets that ideally only use 1.6 gallons of water.
  • Get a carwash: People try to save money by taking up a car wash at home. Not many people know, but this activity can waste almost 150 gallons of water. Many car washes recycle the water being used, call around to find those that do.
  • Collect rainfall: There is nothing better than using natural sources to save water. With the summer rains coming, make the best use of it by storing the rainwater in a barrel. You can buy a container or a barrel from a local home store, allowing you to collect and store rainwater to water your garden or plants.

Alternative ways to save water are as follows:

  • Aeration: Aeration is the process of adding small holes in the soil so that water and other nutrients can get deeper into the soil. In addition to a healthy lawn, by making the soil more permeable to water, it alleviates soil compaction and keeps water from pooling above the soil and evaporating before soaking into the ground. It not only results in water conservation but also reduces your effort on keeping your lawn beautiful.

You might come across a lot of how to save water strategies on the web but these are the most common ways to do it. These effective ways can help to save water in the long run as well as lower your utility bills. Call Owen Soft Water for any questions about Kinetico K5 or any other water systems. As an essential business we follow all the social distancing norms and wear protective gear during installation. Get a free water test today!