Benefits of Replacing or Getting a New Water Softener

Do you have an old water softener? Are you wondering if it’s still providing the same high level of service you’ve come to expect?

There are many benefits of replacing or installing a new water softener, so it’s something you should strongly consider.

Today’s water softeners are more advanced than ever before, thus providing homeowners with the high quality water they deserve.

Benefits of Replacing Your Old Water Softener

  • Less impact on your plumbing system and appliances that use water
  • Cleaner, shinier glassware, silverware, and plumbing fixtures
  • Softer skin and smoother hair
  • Clothes are softer when they come out of the wash
  • Money savings on energy costs
  • You will use less soap with soft water, thus saving you money

It’s amazing to experience the instant change that occurs when you install a water softener in your home. Within a matter of minutes you’re able to take advantage of the above benefits, among others.

Is it Time for a Change?

There’s no point in replacing your water softener system for no reason. If it’s still effective, you might as well keep it in place for the time being.

However, you should be on the lookout for common signs that your water softener isn’t functioning properly:

  • Your water no longer tastes the same
  • Your skin and hair are dry
  • You notice scale buildup on water appliances, plumbing fixtures, tubs, and shower surrounds
  • Your energy costs are increasing

If you suspect that you need a new water softener, test your home’s water for a definitive answer.

At Owens Soft Water, we can answer your questions, provide information on a variety of water softening systems, and help you choose the one that’s right for your home and budget.

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